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Where Arthur Buezo is from and has developed cant be pin-pointed, as he has travelled for all of his life. Throughout these travels, music has been the main constant for him. Arthur Buezo has been a professional musician since 2010 and now is a One-Man-Band performer bringing the self titled genre, Savage Folk. While keeping original music alive and well, sooner or later he will come to a venue near you.

- Basin Beat


The unique savage folk sound of Arthur Buezo amazed the crowd in attendance at the 2022 Klamath Folk Festival held Saturday at the Ross Ragland Theater (Image: Brian Gailey).  However, it might have been the deep, edgy, soulful voice of the one-man band Arthur Buezo that stole the show. 


Buezo’s latest album is titled “Savage Folk.” However, it might be a title more fitting to his performance style. Dressed in a dark suit and a large brim hat, Buezo sat behind a drum strumming a guitar. He stomped the drum with his right foot and shook a tambourine on his left. A small amp for his guitar sat slightly behind him on a milk crate. Buezo completed the look by decorating his drum with pelts, antlers, and the horn of a gramophone. 


Buezo performed originals for the festival crowd and  capped his performance with the unique guitar riffs matching his rustic vocals in “Valhalla.” 


The independent self-funded and self-produced folk star has been a traveling professional musician since 2010 doing 100+ shows per year. Originally from upstate New York, he now calls Beatty, Oregon home. During the show, Buezo played his favorites. Yet also recanted stories of his new life in Beatty and how important community is to him. Buezo even mentioned converting a shipping container into a recording studio on his land.  A place where he can continue to do his own unique style of music. 


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